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Are You To Ready To Finally Address The Real Problem?

This 12-week course will teach you what behavior really is, and how to change it. Being With™: A Course for Parents of Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors is based on the science of being relationally, socially, and behaviorally human. This course will make your child's behaviors make sense- even the ones that don't

You'll become equipped with interventions, tools, and techniques- that actually work! And in this no-shame, no blame approach to parenting, you'll finally understand why knowing is only half the battle. The course is strategically designed so you don't just learn a bunch of parenting tools and techniques. By the end, you'll actually be able to do the powerful techniques you'll learn.

This Parent Course was created by Robyn Gobbel, MSW.


Who Does This Course Benefit ?

This course will benefit all parents, but especially offered for parents of kids with vulnerable nervous systems and baffling behaviors. This includes children with a history of trauma and toxic stress (including foster care and adoption), as well as children who are neurodivergent, gifted, have sensory processing differences, or neuroimmune disorders. You might not know why your child has a vulnerable nervous system, and that's OK. This course if for you, too. ​

There are three Core Tenets

Behavior is just a clue. It's what we see on the inside that gives us some information about what might happening on the inside. 

We all need connection to survive. If your child is behaving in a way that makes us not want to be connected to them, we can pause and ask "What's up with that?"

Regulated, connected kids who feel safe behave well. To change children's behaviors, we will look for ways to increase regulation, connection and felt-safety.. 

This Course Is Right For You If You Are...

  • Ready to move past behavior interventions techniques

  • Longing to find a way to see your child's true self... even if they never show it to you

  • Willing to do the hard work of looking inward to move onward

This Course Might Not Be The Best Fit If You Are...

  • Looking for the right behavior intervention to change your child's behaviors

  • Most comfortable with consequence-based parenting interventions

  • Not interested in considering and addressing the underlying cause of difficult behaviors

  • Parenting a child with chronically dangerous behaviors (violence, aggression, substance abuse, sexually acting out, self-injury, etc.)

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Payment Information

This is a 12-week parent course created by Robyn Gobbel. Each session will be 90 minutes.  All sessions will be LIVE, one-on-one with me via Google Meet. 

Once you pay, you must be available to start the parent course within 4 weeks. There are no refunds. If an emergency comes up, we can pause and complete the parent course within 12 months.


  • 18 hours of parent education

  • An 86- page workbook that will be mailed to you before the start of the course. The workbook included journal prompts and exercises for integration of concepts between weekly meetings, and wonderful visuals to help remind you of the tools we are practicing.

  • Sessions are recorded and available to rewatch during the duration of the 12 weeks. Access will not be available after the 12 weeks.

PRICE:$1,330 Pay in Full 

Or In Installments via Affirm

Still not sure if the 12-week Being With™: The Parent Course is the right fit?

You can schedule a 90 minute Introduction to Being With™ The Course. Just ask me during the consultation call or directly book below. The fee is $120 (non-refundable). If you decide to move forward and take the 12-week course, you will be credited the $120 towards the full payment of the 12-week course.

I think now after participating in the parent course, I feel more confident and happy about my parenting skills. I feel like I have more patience with my son and we have a better relationship. I feel that learning the science behind it, it made me realize how important is to have my child feel safe, regulated, and connected in order to cope with his anxiety.

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These are not pictures of real clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is your fee? The Cost of the Full Parent Course is $1,330. There is an option to pay with installments via Affirm.

Do you accept insurance? No. The Parent Course is NOT Therapy. It is an educational course, therefor insurance is not accepted.

Do you write any letters? I do NOT write any letter for: Court Evaluations Emotional Support Animal Letters (ESA) Separation, Divorce and Child Custody Evaluation and Mediation. These services require additional training that I do not have.

What is your availability? My availability ranges from mornings, to evenings and Saturday mornings. We'll discuss in the consultation call what days/times will work best for you. Please remember it is a consecutive 12 week commitment.

Do you have a cancellation policy? Please remember you are commiting 12 consecutive weeks for this course. Should a week land on a holiday, we will personally coordinate. We will plan out the 12 weeks at the first session so that you can make other plans accordingly. It is important that we commit to the 12 consecutive weeks. No exceptions.

Are You Ready ?


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